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Writing Thesis Help

November 24, 2011 Posted by admin

Writing article reviews is an interesting task. It is an outstanding form of custom writing, which deals with reading of the articles and then analyzing the article by giving the reader’s personal opinion of the content of the article review. If a writer is writing a class article review, they are likely to have certain guidelines that they should make sure that they follow. In most cases, instructors provide the writers with the guidelines.  An article review should begin with headings, which includes citation sources that are under review. The paragraph, which introduces an article review, should contain a summary of the article review highlights. Article review summary does not contain all the details in the article review. In place, article review discusses the most vital details of the article. While concluding an article review, the writer should give their personal assessment of the article. The writer should put into consideration whether their article review is clear to the reader. When writing thesis help an article review of any class, the instructor may ask writers to connect their article review to real life situations. For instance, instructors may ask writers to relate how their article review could help them in furthering their education and developing their career. At times, instructors may ask their students to interrelate their article review to the information learnt in their course. As writers write article reviews, they should not bear in mind that they are not reviewing a story. They should focus on explaining the content of the article review writing. They should give their personal views and show the effects it has on their lives and on the field that the article is basing its argument on.

Help With Argument Essay Writing

November 16, 2011 Posted by admin

Argumentative essays are an advanced form of essay writing. Argument essay writing is a bit technical and difficult than a normal essay. The technicality of an argumentative essay lies in the fact that it puts forward an argument or a statement in its topic and that argument is to be proved either wrong or right. This end of decisiveness is to be achieved by the writer with the help of strong and practical evidences.

Persuasion is the central point in argument essay writing and to make things simpler and straight forward, it is suggested that you choose the right argument persuasive essay topics. The argument that is to be argued upon is to be taken down step by step. In the first step, you introduce the topic from a multi angular perspective. After this is done you would put forward your own perspective.

If it deviates from the common grounds then you need to put forward your own research findings that prove the initial common statement wrong. You might come across a topic that is self contradictory and the opposite can be deduced from the same findings that already exist. While introducing the topic you have to describe, the history is an undeniable factor. This helps clearing many things out. This will have the contradictions of the topic out in front of the reader and these contradictions can be attacked by the writer to proceeds towards final conclusion.

If you are aiming at a strong conclusion then you must go for argument persuasive essay topics about which you can write well, because that would cut the effort into half by proposing a strong statement right in the first sentence.

Argument persuasive essays are strong writings and are very suitable if you are applying for a scholarship or a writing job. These show the strength and excellence of a writer and his ability to link different findings.

What is Annotated Bibliography?

November 4, 2011 Posted by admin

A well research work requires good preparation. A good preparation demands that a researcher be equipped with all the tools that will enable him to successfully come up with a professionally done research.

One of these tools is known as an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography refers to a carefully selected and written list of books and materials that a researcher intendeds to use in his research.

Unlike in an ordinary bibliography, an annotated bibliography adds more detailed to the bibliography such that the resultant bibliography is a brief but detailed summary of the real actual research material.

An annotated bibliography will incorporated the normal aspects of ordinary bibliography, but unlike the ordinary, an annotated bibliography will add to itself the qualifications of the author, other works done by the author on the subject and why the work by that author is best suited in helping the researcher tackle the research topic. An annotated bibliography will also mention the group that is at the best position to benefit from the work.

With the above knowledge about an annotated bibliography, one then need only to master the various referencing styles as an annotated bibliography can be written in any format may it be APA. Harvard, Chicago etc.

For a researcher wishing to carry out any meaningful research, it emerges then that one can not avoid the use of annotated bibliography. A masterly of the various referencing formats will help such a researcher not to be enslaved in using only one style. This flexibility will enable his come up with a good research guided by a well referenced annotated bibliography.

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Write argumentative essay

November 2, 2011 Posted by admin

It is important to first understand what an argumentative essay is before you start essay writing. Argumentative essay is the kind of essay that brings an argument due to a disagreement between two or more opinions. To write an argumentative essay it is good to have a strong stand on one opinion so as to show how it is important than the other. For example a lecturer or a teacher may instruct his or her students to write argumentative essay on the use of a drug like bhang. Bhang is known to be an illegal drug but in medical field it is used as a medication. The lecturer then tells the students to argue out why this illegal drug should not be used for medicinal purposes. Here the students who are supporting the idea that the drug should be used as medicine should have strong points in terms of an argument to support their side. On the other hand students who are opposing that it should not be used should argue to prove how the drug is not suitable to be used as medication. Writing an argumentative essay one should choose a topic that shows a form of a disagreement. It is good to make sure that the student writes the argumentative essay well and write it visibly so as too attract the attention of the lecturer to mark the argumentative essay and award good marks. Students who have challenges writing the different types of essays like argumentative essay are supposed to take their time and read as well as understand the meaning of each essay and what it takes to write the essay so as to be able to write each essay accordingly.