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Argumentative Essay of Chicago Format: Writing Suggestions

November 30, 2010 Posted by admin

The main point of the argumentative essay is to prove that the opinion that you have concerning some thing, person or phenomenon is truthful and right than the ones that the others have. The basic format used for argumentative essays is the Chicago style. Writing argumentative essay in Chicago style helps you to cope with the work faster and more impressive.

Chicago argumentative essay format has such distinctive features:

  • For good argumentative essay you need to meet the requirements of your instructor (words numbers, title etc.)
  • 1 inch margins should be kept for all sides.
  • Any text needs to be double-spaced.
  • References, footnotes and head notes should be single-spaced.
  • On the title page it is necessary to write your name and details concerning the course.
  • It is important to start pagination not from the first page but from the second one.
  • Put the numbers in the top corner on the right.
  • Reasonable and suitable citations are welcome.

While accomplishing the argumentative essay of Chicago format you have to keep to the main aspects of it, such as: bibliography/content notes, footnotes, citations in text. If you do not include a lot of references in your argumentative essay, then you need to provide in-text citations. For the footnotes it is necessary to use small font size and place it at the page bottom. When you are going to design the bibliography section, you will have to do it in an alphabetical order at the end of the Chicago argumentative essay.

Now you have an idea about what the Chicago argumentative essay is and you can start working on your own project. The first step we would recommend you to take by means of choosing the most appropriate topic. Writing argumentative essay in Chicago you need to find enough time to perform a thorough research in order to gather as much necessary information as possible to make your argumentative essay of Chicago format full and fascinating.

Turabian Format Argumentative Essay Writing Recommendations

November 26, 2010 Posted by admin

The main purpose of the argumentative essay is to express your on opinion concerning some facts and to make your audience sure that the opinion you are providing them with is the only one correct. This is some sort of an art as it requires special skills. That’s the task that students usually rack their brains over. But the problem is that this is not the only problems which seems never-to-be-solved is that usually argumentative essay writing tasks go together with the task to format them properly. One of the formats students are usually asked to work with is the Turabian argumentative essay format which has become the most popular one from the very moment when Kate Turabian presented it.

Some of the Main Features of Turabian Style Argumentative Essay Writing:

  1. Working on the argumentative essay of Turabian format it is necessary to use footnotes/endnotes. It is important to put the at the page end and in case with endnotes you have to mark them at the end of Turabian argumentative essay.
  2. Writing argumentative essay in Turabian you need to use Arabical numerals as marks.
  3. Writing argumentative essay in Turabian you need to arrange the bibliography sources in alphabetical order. You should start with the name of the author and provide the whole bibliographic book information.
  4. If you use Internet sources in your argumentative essay of Turabian format you have to describe these sources just in the same manner as the printed ones (if such sources exist) and add URL. If there are no printed sources, it is important to provide more detailed information.
  5. If it is necessary to make the citation of the newspapers in your Turabian argumentative essay you will need to make a quote in the running text.

Tips on Writing MLA Argumentative Essay

November 16, 2010 Posted by admin

Argumentative essays are centered on some point that the author tries to prove by means of logical arguments, facts and statistical data. It is less concerned about your personal opinions, emotions and feelings, although, of course, the point you try to drive home may have its source in them. Argumentative essay of MLA format, in addition, should be in correspondence to the MLA style of formatting, generally used in works dealing with English, literature, history and other humanitarian studies. Here are some peculiarities of this style:

  • No cover page.
  • All the information about the author is presented on the first page of your paper. It is your name, the name of your professor and educational institution: they should be placed in the upper left corner of the first page.
  • Margins: one inch on all pages.
  • Another distinctive feature of writing argumentative essay in MLA format is that every time you quote somebody’s words you are supposed to place them in additionally indented paragraph in quotation marks, with the information about the book and its author after it. This foot- or endnote should correspond to the Works Cited list presented in the end of your work.
  • Use double spacing throughout your MLA argumentative essay.
  • The most preferable fonts are Times New Roman or Arial, usually 10-12 pt.
  • When you mention sources, write the title of magazines, books or scholarly journals in italics or bold type. Titles of essays, poems, articles should be placed into quotation marks.
  • When enumerating sources, use abbreviations like n.p. – no publisher’s name or n.pag. – no pagination.
  • Bibliography should be alphabetized according to the authors’ names.

We suggest that you surf our website further in case you don’t find all the information you need for writing argumentative essay of MLA format.