Write argumentative essay

November 2, 2011 Posted by admin

It is important to first understand what an argumentative essay is before you start essay writing. Argumentative essay is the kind of essay that brings an argument due to a disagreement between two or more opinions. To write an argumentative essay it is good to have a strong stand on one opinion so as to show how it is important than the other. For example a lecturer or a teacher may instruct his or her students to write argumentative essay on the use of a drug like bhang. Bhang is known to be an illegal drug but in medical field it is used as a medication. The lecturer then tells the students to argue out why this illegal drug should not be used for medicinal purposes. Here the students who are supporting the idea that the drug should be used as medicine should have strong points in terms of an argument to support their side. On the other hand students who are opposing that it should not be used should argue to prove how the drug is not suitable to be used as medication. Writing an argumentative essay one should choose a topic that shows a form of a disagreement. It is good to make sure that the student writes the argumentative essay well and write it visibly so as too attract the attention of the lecturer to mark the argumentative essay and award good marks. Students who have challenges writing the different types of essays like argumentative essay are supposed to take their time and read as well as understand the meaning of each essay and what it takes to write the essay so as to be able to write each essay accordingly.

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