What is Annotated Bibliography?

November 4, 2011 Posted by admin

A well research work requires good preparation. A good preparation demands that a researcher be equipped with all the tools that will enable him to successfully come up with a professionally done research.

One of these tools is known as an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography refers to a carefully selected and written list of books and materials that a researcher intendeds to use in his research.

Unlike in an ordinary bibliography, an annotated bibliography adds more detailed to the bibliography such that the resultant bibliography is a brief but detailed summary of the real actual research material.

An annotated bibliography will incorporated the normal aspects of ordinary bibliography, but unlike the ordinary, an annotated bibliography will add to itself the qualifications of the author, other works done by the author on the subject and why the work by that author is best suited in helping the researcher tackle the research topic. An annotated bibliography will also mention the group that is at the best position to benefit from the work.

With the above knowledge about an annotated bibliography, one then need only to master the various referencing styles as an annotated bibliography can be written in any format may it be APA. Harvard, Chicago etc.

For a researcher wishing to carry out any meaningful research, it emerges then that one can not avoid the use of annotated bibliography. A masterly of the various referencing formats will help such a researcher not to be enslaved in using only one style. This flexibility will enable his come up with a good research guided by a well referenced annotated bibliography.

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